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We know that confidence and competency establishes when children are at the ages of 5-11 from Erik Erikson's theory of the stages of development. With lack of confidence in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects, many types of students are less likely to pursue STEM education in the future. We already know diversity is a huge problem in these fields. We want to help young students establish competency and a sense of identity in STEM through our products. Here at EdBoard Technologies, we create engaging kits with adaptable curriculum to teach elementary students the fundamentals of engineering skills both in the classroom and at home.



We are still in the development stage of our kits, taking our time to make the best possible resource for teaching students electrical engineering through building circuits. We finished attending Catalyze CU, an accelerator at CU Boulder. Now, we are working with select classrooms to demo our product and refine the design. Here is a list of our goals we will be achieving in the next year.  


We are currently piloting our kits in classrooms in the Boulder/Denver area to get feedback and continue to iterate our product. Have a teacher or educator that might be interested? Send them our way!


Changing our product design to be manufacturable and ready to produce quickly and durably.


Launching a Kickstarter in 2020 to get our product out in people's hands as soon as possible. 


Our product will be launched to the public by the Fall of 2020. Kits will be sold both to parents and schools through our website. 


It's a passport to the world. Engineering is that base qualification that can take you anywhere.”

Regina Moran



We are a group of five passionate engineers from the University of Colorado Boulder. We met through a engineering projects class that challenged us to create a product that solves a problem we were passionate about. We all chose engineering education and came up with the idea to redesign the classic breadboard. We discovered a love-hate relationship with the breadboard; while it is the industry standard for prototyping circuits, it doesn't have an intuitive design or a steep learning curve.

How could we create a tool to teach kids about circuits in a fun way?

After a LOT of iterations and failures, we created the first edition of the EdBoard. After the class, we didn't want to turn away from the project. We all came together and discussed how we could launch this a business. Being engineers we needed help on this front. We recently attended the Catalyze CU accelerator that gave us all the resources and mentors to get the ball rolling. Now, we are working hard to get our kits into the hands of children.


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