How they work

Adaptable curriculum 

We have written curriculum for our kits for ease in the classroom. We developed our lesson cards with cross-cutting concepts as well as aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Colorado Common Core Standards. We have created story-telling based lessons that relate to the student's daily life to not only teach about circuits but also how they relate to the real world. We know that teachers lack time in their days, so we made our curriculum to be ready right out of the box. EdBoard kits are ready for the classroom as soon as possible.


Intuitive Design 

Our EdBoards are designed for elementary students. We made sure that the components were not too small (or too big) and magnetic connections for a safe and easy assembly. The board has a slot for our lesson cards to slide in and with a clear board students can easily see the instructions as well as how the connections are being made. Our goal was to make sure the students were not only learning how to plug things together - but actually learning how circuits work.


EdBoards are also based on the layout of the traditional breadboard, the industry standard, so the knowledge is directly transferable. When students learn on EdBoards, prototyping on breadboards becomes much easier once they get to High School or College.



Together, the curriculum and boards create a well rounded tool that is the perfect launching pad to electrical engineering. Students will feel more competent and successful from learning these key skills that will stay with them as they grow up. Giving each student the opportunity to succeed in STEM fields.










What's included


Each kit includes

1 board

25 components (LEDs, Motor, Resistors, Wires, Transistors, Photoresistor, Capacitor) 

Along with a curriculum set with X lesson plans 



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